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When plumbing issues arise, My Plumber LLC is here to help. We strive to provide all of our customers with quality, affordable, reliable service that you can trust. In the event of a tree root invasion, we’re here to help. 

Tree roots are like magnets to water. During their growing season, tree roots will do whatever they can to get it, even seemingly impossible tasks like growing through pipes. If there’s a leak somewhere in your system, even the smallest drop coming from your pipeline can attract a tree root. Once it starts growing through the crack, the root grows bigger and thicker as it gets access to the water within your pipe. Soon, so much water is leaking out other tree roots have begun to grow in your pipeline, eventually filling your entire network.

The Damaging Effects of Tree Roots 

As tree roots grow thicker and stronger through the smallest cracks in your pipeline, the cracks grow bigger, causing the leak to as well. This results in low water pressure inside your home, and flooding in your backyard as things get out of hand. If the situation gets so extreme as tree roots begin to fill the entire network, your pipes will become clogged and blocked leaving you with sinks and tubs that won’t drain in your home, foul odors, and even backup. Finally, the tree roots will cause your pipes, and therefore your entire system, to collapse, costing you thousands in expensive repairs.

The Tree Root Removal Process

Once the tree causing the damage to your system is identified, we’ll inspect the ground around the invasion to determine the best course of action. If the invasion is minimal, we’ll be able to repair your pipes and simply reroute the tree roots. However, in most cases, the easiest option is to simply have the troublesome tree removed from your property, as rerouting may only solve the issue until your next leak appears.

How My Plumber LLC Can Help

My Plumber LLC is well trained and qualified to assist you with your tree root invasion. As a family operated business with decades of experience, we can fill your plumbing needs with everything from regular maintenance to a system replacement. To learn more about our tree root services, reach out to a team member!


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