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Whether it’s a clogged pipe or a leaking line, sewer issues are never fun to deal with. However, early signs of trouble need to be addressed before they get out of hand. We’ll treat your home as we would our own, with quality, affordable service and the expertise of plumbing professionals you can trust. With us, your home is in experienced hands.

Common Sewer Issues in Powder Springs, GA

Regular use of your sewer system can cause it to show signs of wear and tear over time and is nearly unavoidable. Regular inspection and maintenance of your sewer system can identify issues early and address them before they turn into something more expensive and harmful to your home. Our team in Powder Springs is trained to look for any and all sewer line issues, including the most common ones:

  • Clogs: organic matter can build up in your pipes over time, eventually clogging your network, causing leaking, flooding, and even sewage backup if not addressed.
  • Corrosion: this affects all plumbing networks at one time or another and must be monitored when identified to ensure your system won’t fail.
  • Sewer line belly: a sewer line belly is a sag or low spot in sewer lines, often caused by saturation and shifting of the ground around the pipes. This belly interferes with the normal flow of wastewater, causing debris and sediment to build up faster than normal, and even causing sewage backup if unattended.
  • Leaks: whether it’s a leak in a joint due to a worn-out seal, or a small crack in a pipe, leaks need to be addressed immediately. What may be a small leak one day can be susceptible to collapsing, extensive tree root invasion, and can cause flooding in your home or business.
  • Broken pipes: frozen temperatures can cause pipes to break as well as improper maintenance done by do-it-yourself methods and untrained technicians.

How We Help Your Powder Springs Pipes

Before we can repair your sewer line, our team in Powder Springs has to identify what the problem is. To do this, we’ll utilize the latest technology of sewer camera inspection, done with a small high-definition waterproof camera, navigated through your system to identify issues in your system. These inspection records live footage to be reviewed by our professionals and assist them in determining potential solutions. Once the issue is identified, we’ll provide a proper cleaning of your pipes to prepare them for repair by moving debris, organic matter, clogs, and blockages.

The Sewer Repair Process

For repairs, cured in place pipe lining, or CIPP is one of the most common solutions. This is done by saturating a felt liner with resin epoxy and inserting it into your pipe. Air or water is then sent through the pipe, securing the felt liner against the walls of your pipe to ensure a tight seal. Finally, the felt is removed, leaving you with a secure pipe that’s better than new.

Work with Your Powder Springs, GA Professionals

At My Plumber LLC, we understand the inner workings of Powder Springs sewer lines and how to properly help address your issue, regardless of the cause. To learn more about our sewer repair services, reach out to one of our Powder Springs professionals anytime.


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