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Plumbing issues are never fun to deal with, especially when your sewer is involved. At My Plumber LLC in Powder Springs, we worry about your sewer line, so you don’t have to. We’re a family-run business that’s dedicated to providing your home with careful attention to detail and quality service. We’ll treat your home like our own and are ready to help fill your sewer replacement needs.

Why Sewer Services are Important

As your pipes and sewers are used daily in your home, it’s important to keep everything flowing smoothly and prevent disasters. Regular maintenance and inspection by a professional can prepare your sewer line for long, steady years of dependable service. However, when an issue does arise, it’s important to get it addressed before things get out of hand. Common problems such as clogs, blockages, non-flushing toilets, slow draining drains, corrosion, leaks, and broken pipes can lead to issues that get more and more serious as time passes. Ultimately leading to extensive flooding, sewage backup, and serious damage to your home. Our highly-trained technicians in Powder Springs are ready to help replace your sewer before things get out of control.

Prepping Your Powder Springs, GA Pipe for Replacement

When you think your sewer might be suffering from an unidentified issue, it’s important to get your system serviced by a professional. If a replacement is in your future, a few steps we need to take before we get there to ensure a job well done. First, a sewer camera inspection is performed to identify what your issue is. This is done using a small, high-definition waterproof camera and navigating it through your system, recording live footage to be reviewed by our Powder Springs professionals. The inspection also tells us the composition and size of your pipes, allowing us to provide the correct materials for replacement. After inspection, we’ll work closely with you to design a replacement schedule and budget.

The Sewer Replacement Process

No matter the cause of your sewer problems, if your line is severely damaged or suffered a complete collapse, replacement is the fasted, most efficient method to help. To replace your pipes, we’ll utilize cure-in-place-pipe lining (or CIPP) to fortify the inner walls of your pipes with epoxy resin. The resin is inserted and applied to the affected pipes using a felt liner, and once the epoxy has hardened the liner is removed. This method is non-invasive and leaves your pipes in great condition, preparing them for many more years of use.

Work with My Plumber LLC for Al Your Sewer Repair Needs

Our team of highly-trained professionals in Powder Springs will communicate with you every step of the way and answer any and all questions you may have. Our plumbing experts work to minimize the damage to your property and the disruption to your schedule as much as possible, saving you time and money. With careful attention to detail and knowledge of what is right for your home. To learn more about our sewer replacement services and a wide range of options, reach out to one of our Powder Springs professionals at My Plumber LLC. We’re always here and ready to apply our expertise to your home.


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